January 21, 2022

WSB CARES hands over a new truck to the Ghirao family

World Sports Betting under our new WSBCARES banner handed over the keys to a brand new NP300 Hardbody to Laura Ghirao and the rest of the Ghirao family from Sanman Office Supplies & Courier Service.
If you would like to apply for Support or Funding, please visit www.wsbcares.co.za to submit your motivation & application.

About WSB Cares

We support organisations, NPOs, Start ups and individuals from all around the country to ensure we play our part in South Africa’s growth.

We believe that everyone is capable of something great with the right support and we love to help them achieve this. As a betting brand we believe that we have a responsibility to promote Responsible gambling but also to grow the communities in which we serve.

Our initiatives include anti-human trafficking campaigns, Early development centres, Animal care, Race horse care, Childhood cancer centres, Orphanages, Homes for the vulnerable, Feeding schemes and more!
We have worked with some of SA’s biggest brands including CHOC, the Beast foundation, Home of Hope and hundreds of smaller organisations around the world.

Our initiatives with the Sports Trust are geared towards assisting previously disadvantaged athletes achieve their dreams and we are a proud sponsor of multiple community soccer teams, helping the proud coaches bring the beautiful game to the kids of their communities.

If you are in need of funding, you are welcome to complete our easy to use online submission form and one of our team members will get back to you.

Help us make a difference!

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